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Recycling Programs in Aurora (Colorado)

Save Money, Conserve Resources & Protect The Environment.

We specialize in purchasing various types of plastic in bulk, offering an effective solution for the disposal of your plastic waste. We take pride in our company’s ability to handle all types of plastic.

Why Plastic Recycling is Better than Disposal

Plastic recycling is crucial for our future. As an environmentally responsible company, we recognize the importance of efficient plastic material recycling. Instead of simply disposing of plastic, recycling allows for the reutilization of materials, reducing the need for new raw materials, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, and minimizing the negative impact on the environment. We aim to make our planet cleaner and more sustainable, and your support in this important endeavor plays a crucial role. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in plastic disposal and recycling.

What plastic do we buy in Aurora (Colorado)?

PET Thermoform Trays Stacked

PET Plastic

Including: beverage bottles, such as plastic water bottles, juice bottles and other drink containers, plastic food containers, packaging for cosmetics and household products, food packaging, PET purge, trays, polyester fibre, films, strapping and other.

Plastic Drum Bale

HDPE Plastic

Including: milk jugs, shampoo and conditioner bottles, household cleaning product containers, plastic bags, HDPE plastic drums, IBC Totes, plastic piping and plumbing systems, plastic buckets, crates, packaging, pallets, knock down bins and other.

LDPE 4 Recycling, LDPE Recycling, LDPE Plastic Recycling

LDPE Plastic

Including: plastic bags, plastic wrap, stretch films, agricultural LDPE film for food storage, squeeze bottles for condiments, various types of flexible packaging, trash can liners, wire and cable insulation, toys, caps, general packaging and water pipes and other.

bulk bags recycling

PP Plastic

Including: food containers, bottles for cosmetics and household products, automotive parts, including car bumpers, interior panels, and battery casings, Coroplast, medical items, supersac, bulk bags, packaging materials, BOPP film and other.

PVC Window Profile Recycling


PVC or vinyl plastic, is utilized for various purposes including household items, as well as in the automotive industry for producing components such as bumpers and interior panels, and in construction for making pipes and other materials.

EPS, EPS foam, EPS Recycling, Styrofoam Recycling, Foam recycling

PS Plastic

Including: disposable food containers and cups, protective packaging materials (EPS foam), insulation materials, such as thermal insulation boards and panels, CD and DVD cases, electronics (for televisions and computers) and other.

PC Plastic

Including: acrylic windows, displays, and lighting, safety goggles and glasses, reusable containers, medical devices and equipment, PC sheets, electronic components, automotive parts, such as headlight lenses, interior components and other.

mixed plastic recycling

Mixed Rigid Plastic

Including: plastic chairs and tables, boxes and storage containers, plastic toys and gaming accessories, plastic picture frames and mirrors, plastic bowls and dishware, caps and lids for containers, plastic buckets and other.

recycled plastic pellets

Other Plastic

Including: MDPE, rPET, PE/PA, PA, ABS, TPE, TPO, PMMA, PC/ABS, plastic pellets, regrind plastic and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Can I get paid for recycling plastic in Aurora?

Yes, we're a plastic buyer in Aurora (Colorado). But we don't take small quantities. We buy plastic mostly from companies or people who have accumulated a large quantity.

Can plastic be recycled in Aurora?

We buy plastic in Aurora (Colorado), but it can be recycled elsewhere. We arrange logistics and transportation of the plastic waste to the recycling center.

What grades of plastic do we buy?

We buy all grades of plastic in bulk for recycling. If you have enough material to fill up a truck - we can help you recycle your plastic. Here are pics of the different grades we purchase.

Do we pick it up?

We handle all pick ups with our in-house logistics team.

How much do we pay?

Price depends on the grade, amount and location of your material. Submit a request for quote here and we'll get back to you with a price!