Plastic recycling has become as common as paper recycling and metal recycling in the American recycling industry. Plastic pallets are an integral part of the supply chain and require adownstream recycling infrastructure at their end of life stage. Enter “Scrap Management Inc”, a dependable recycler with expertise in HDPE recycling and PP recycling. Having a clear understanding of how pallet recyclers and pallet leasing companies conduct their business, Scrap Management has developed a recycling solution for plastic pallets, crates, totes and dunnage.

Plastic pallet recycling has it’s challenges, primarily transportation costs and shipment weight. Due to their nature, plastic pallet shipments are typically 12,000 – 15,000 lbs per 53’ Dry Van limiting the distance they can be shipped to a processor. Over the last decade, Scrap Management has developed a network of plastic pallet processors in every region of the United States, enabling national programs to be rolled out for large corporations with locations around the 50 States. Shipping plastic pallets for recycling shorter distances creates more value for the customer in the form of rebates paid out monthly by check or electronic transfer.

Recycling plastic pallets requires large equipment to enable safe and efficient size reduction preparing the material for an end user. Plastic processors capable of recycling plastic pallets require a combination of a large shredder and high powered plastic granulator with many companies adding additional equipment to further clean and refine the end product. Plastic washlines and drying systems typically complement a plastic pallet grinding line.

Scrap plastic regrind has more value if it’s reduced to a 3/8th inch particle size and free of residuals such as oil, moisture and dirt. Most plastic pallets are made from HDPE or PP, both types of scrap plastic have ready markets right here in the United States. These clean regrinds are sold to molders, compounders and end users looking to include PCR (post consumer resin) intheir product. Adding PCR creates a wider customer base with packaging companies paying a premium for plastic pellets with recycled content to comply with corporate promises and new legislature requiring 10-20% recycled content in products like HDPE Buckets, PP Paint Cans andnew Plastic Pallets.

Getting the most money when selling scrap plastic pallets for recycling is super easy. First, it’s important to understand which pallets are NOT recyclable. Plastic Pallets with a metal reinforcement such as iGPS and Coors pallets are not acceptable. If you have iGPS pallets you can still recycle them by calling iGPS directly to schedule a pick-up. Now that you have separated out the pallets with metal, nest all like pallets together to maximize weight on a truck. Stack pallets that don’t nest with others like them so the stacks are uniform and approximately 7.5 feet tall. Use one band of strapping to secure the pallets making them easy to load onto the 53’ Trailer. When you’re getting close to a full trailer load – call Scrap Management Inc for a pick up.

Our Sales and Logistics teams are dedicated to ensuring an amazing customer experience with smooth on time pick-up and the maximum rebate price available at time of scrap plastic shipment. Get the most money with the friendliest team – call Scrap Management Inc to schedule a pick up today!