Plastic Pallet Recycling

Plastic Pallet Recycling – A Comprehensive Guide

The Benefits of Plastic Pallet Recycling

Plastic Pallets have become an integral part of the supply chain, filling the gap where wood pallets may be unsuitable, making Plastic Pallet Recycling a critical link in the supply chain.  Custom plastic pallets can be made to handle unusual shapes like bottles, kegs, drums, and even engines/transmissions sent to assembly plants from factories on other continents.

We buy plastic pallets in truckload quantities for recycling in almost all states.

Recycling: A Positive Impact On The Environment

First, it reduces the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills. Plastic pallets can take hundreds of years to decompose in landfills, so recycling them can help decrease the amount of plastic waste that is taking up space in landfills.

Second, recycling plastic pallets can conserve natural resources. Plastic pallets are typically made from petroleum-based products, so recycling them can help reduce the demand for these resources.

Third, recycling plastic pallets can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Plastic production and disposal both contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, so recycling plastic pallets can help to reduce these emissions.

Fourth, recycling plastic pallets can save energy. It takes less energy to recycle plastic than to produce new plastic from raw materials.


Pallets made from plastic have a longer useful life than wood however, eventually they too break and wear down. We’ve built out a national network of re-processors that will size reduce the pallets into regrind so they can be converted into new products or reprocessed pellets.

Can plastic pallets be recycled?

Yes – Plastic pallets can be recycled here in the United States

What is the cost of recycling?

Freight and labor are the largest cost factors – loads are light so freight per pound is a significant factor to consider.

Are plastic pallets recyclable in my area?

They are recyclable in all areas – in truckload quantities!

Are all types of plastic pallets recyclable?

No – there are some types that are not suitable for recycling such as iGPS, A-B Inbev & Coors pallets which have fiberglass reinforcement rods inside that can tear up a shredder. White EPS (Styrofoam) pallets are not recyclable. Lastly, USPS Postal Pallets aren’t recyclable – they need to go back to the local postmaster

What type of pallets cannot be recycled?

  • iGPS Pallets – Belong to iGPS and have a fiberglass rod – return to iGPS
  • USPS Pallets – Black with orange stripe – they should be returned to the USPS and NOT to be destroyed
  • A-B Inbev Pallets – These have a fiberglass/metal rod inside and aren’t recyclable
  • Miller Coors Pallets – These have a fiberglass/metal rod inside and aren’t recyclable

What type of pallets can be recycled?

All plastic pallets without metal or fiberglass reinforcement can be recycled.

How does plastic pallet recycling compare to other types of recycling?

It’s straight forward however not lucrative – most people recycle plastic pallets because they need to get rid of them and disposing in a landfill is not a viable option.

Are there any regulations or guidelines for recycling pallets made out of plastic?

No – there are no regulations, however, the guidelines are: Uniform Stacks, No Metal, No Postal, Full Truckload

What are the alternatives to recycling plastic pallets?

Reusing them is the ideal alternative – however landfilling is the only other disposal option.

What type of plastic is used in pallets and how does it affect recycling?

Most pallets are made from HDPEPP or a mixture of the 2 blended with some sort of filler.

How do you properly clean and prepare plastic pallets for recycling?

Cleaning is NOT required Simply stack them up in uniform stacks nesting like pallets together and keeping the “unacceptable pallets” separate.

Are there any companies or organizations that specialize in plastic pallet recycling?

Scrap Management Inc specializes in recycling plastic pallets.

What are the potential end-uses for recycled plastic pallets?

The regrind from recycling plastic pallets can be used in any many applications, including automotive and packaging like new pallets.

Are there any issues with the quality or durability of recycled plastic pallets?

Pallets made from recycled content are usually of comparable quality and durability as pallets made from virgin resin.

How does the size and weight of plastic pallets affect recycling?

The size is mostly irrelevant – all sizes of pallets can be recycled.

Are there any safety concerns when recycling plastic pallets?

Safety is always a concern – that’s why we ask companies to band down the pallets making sure the stacks do not tip over injuring employees when trailer doors are opened.

Who buy plastic pallets near me?

We buy your plastic pallets almost all states.

Where to sell plastic pallets near me?

You can place an order on our website, and we will arrive at any place.

How much are used plastic pallets worth?

It depends on the bulk. Leave an order and we will tell you our price.