Sell your recycled plastic pellets

What are recycled plastic pellets?

Recycled plastic pellets are small, granular pieces made from processed and reprocessed plastic waste. They are created through a recycling process that involves collecting used plastic products, cleaning, shredding, and melting them down to form new pellet-shaped particles. These pellets can then be used as raw materials in manufacturing various plastic products, reducing the need for new plastic production and contributing to environmental sustainability. What type of plastic pellets do we purchase?

We buy recycled plastic pellets

Plastic Pellets can be either virgin, off-spec, or repro. We’re happy to purchase all 3 types of pellets for either compounding into new pellets or use into new products. Close-out and overstock lots, contaminated pellets, and floorsweep are all recyclable and we’re happy to review your stream and determine the fair market value.

We buy recycled polypropylene pellets

Recycled polypropylene pellets are reprocessed plastic beads derived from used polypropylene. This material, known for its durability and versatility, undergoes cleaning and melting before being formed into pellets. These pellets serve various industries like packaging and automotive as an eco-friendly substitute for new plastic.

We secure these recycled polypropylene pellets at an attractive price, staying true to our sustainable and cost-effective sourcing. This not only helps cut down on plastic waste but also provides economic advantages. Our choice showcases our dedication to the environment and responsible resource management.

We buy recycled HDPE pellets

Recycled HDPE pellets are small plastic particles made by reprocessing used high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. HDPE is known for its strength and resistance. In the recycling process, collected HDPE plastic is cleaned, melted, and then formed into pellets for reuse. These pellets have diverse applications, including in packaging and manufacturing. We procure these recycled HDPE pellets at a favorable cost, aligning with our commitment to sustainable and economical sourcing practices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of plastic pellets do you buy?

We buy HDPE, PP, PET, LDPE and other recycled pellets.

How to sell plastic pellets?

To sell plastic pellets, first, process and quality-check the pellets. Then contact us and we will provide seamless logistics for successful transactions.

Where can I sell plastic pellets?

We buys plastic pellets in almost all states. Write us and we buy your recycled pellets.