PVC Recycling

PVC Recycling – Vinyl Siding & Window Profile

PVC is a versatile polymer used in everything from credit cards to food packaging & industrial building material. It’s highly resistant to weather and is produced in both flexible and rigid forms.

Vinyl Siding and Window Profile should be baled for recycling.  Flexible PVC, like pond liners, shower curtains and book binding are recycled into new liners, film, road barriers and a variety of packaging options.

The PVC Recycling processing is done here in the United States.  Grinding, washing and making it into new products creates green jobs and fans the circular economy.

Keep your scrap PVC clean and free of metal to get the maximum value.

PVC FACT: Window profile can be recycled at least seven times without having any impact on the quality or weather resistance characteristics. Recycled material is used commonly in both injection and extrusion processes for making new window profile, building products, electrical housing and pipe.