Plastic crates recycling

HDPE Crates and Dunnage Trays used in automotive manufacturing and other industries can be ground up and used to make reprocessed pellets that are then used to make new products. Once the Dunnage Trays have reached their end of life, stack them on a pallet and call for a pick-up. Rebates available.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What kind of plastic do you buy?

Almost all plastic that can be recycled. But on a large scale.

How to sell plastic scrap?

Plastic waste needs to be prepared, cleaned and packaged for moving. So it will cost more. Write to us! If you have a photo, please attach it.

Can be recycled plastic crates??

Yes, plastic crates can be recycled. Plastic recycling involves collecting, sorting, and processing the plastic waste to create new products or raw materials. When it comes to recycling plastic crates, the process typically involves shredding or melting the crates to form plastic pellets or flakes. These materials can then be used to produce new plastic products such as crates, containers, packaging, and more.

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