Plastic Bumper Recycling

Recycling plastic bumpers from cars is an important topic among the problems of ecology and waste disposal. On the one hand, plastic bumpers are light, durable and cheap to manufacture, but on the other hand, they can pollute the environment if not properly disposed of.

One way to recycle plastic bumpers is to turn them into pellets, which are then used in the production of new plastic products. For example, recycled plastic bumpers can be used to make furniture, storage containers, rugs and other products.

Why should you sell your plastic bumper scrap for recycling?

Recycling plastic bumpers has a number of advantages. Firstly, it allows you to reduce the amount of waste that can end up in a landfill or in nature. Secondly, recycling plastic bumpers saves resources that are needed to produce new plastic products. For example, recycling one ton of plastic saves up to 2 tons of oil.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Can plastic bumpers be recycled?

Yes – Plastic Bumpers CAN Be Recycled – If There’s A Large Amount Of Them.

Can I recycle 1 bumper?

No – It is not economically feasible to recycle less than a truckload of plastic bumpers.

How much bumper scrap do I need to recycle scrap bumpers?

36,000 lbs+ – A full truckload of scrap plastic is required to recycle efficiently.

How to prepare plastic bumpers for recycling?

Remove as much contamination as possible (metal clips) and bale them. Use a horizontal or 2 ram baler to maximize the weight on a shipment.

Does anyone pick up my scrap bumper covers for recycling?

Yes – We pick up full truckloads of baled PP Bumper Covers for recycling.

What are scrap bumpers worth?

If you have a full truckload of baled bumpers, we can offer you a rebate. Contact us for a quote.

What are plastic bumpers made of?

Plastic bumpers are made of TPO with a paint coating. To recycle them – the paint coating is usually removed during purification prior to pelletizing the processed PP Scrap.

How are bumpers collected for recycling?

Scrap PP Bumper Covers are picked up from recyclers who can collect them from body shops and bale them.

How should a body shop handle their scrap bumpers?

Leave them on the car or put inside the car when sending to the shredder. It will be recovered and recycled after the vehicle has been shredded. Recycling is only feasible when it’s done on a large scale.

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