We Buys plastic scrap for recycling

We Buys plastic scrap for recycling

We company that buys your plastic fast and safely

When selling scrap plastic to us you can rest easy knowing your material is processed ethically and safely.  Your scrap plastic creates green jobs here in the United States and helps fan the circular economy.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What kind of plastic do you buy?

Almost all plastic that can be recycled. But on a large scale.

How to sell plastic scrap?

Plastic waste needs to be prepared, cleaned and packaged for moving. So it will cost more. Write to us! If you have a photo, please attach it.

Where can I sell scrap plastic?

We buys plastic scrap in almost all states. Write us and we buy your scrap.

If you think “Where can I find plastic scrap buyers near me” – We buy plastic scrap for recylcing in most states of US: