Warehouse Clean Outs

Free Up Warehouse Space – Recycle Your Old Material

Free up warehouse space by doing a warehouse clean out.  Get rid of old inventory, unwanted junk and reclaim the space you’ve been missing.  With years of experience in product destruction, recycling and logistics, we are the best option for warehouse clean-outs or disposal of product that is no longer needed.

If you have a warehouse full of material you’d like to clean out and recycle, we can help you reclaim your warehouse space by picking up the scrap material at no charge!

Our Commitment To Sustainability & Reducing Plastic Waste

The founders of Scrap Management Inc are passionate about conserving resources, protecting the planet and finding creative ways to lengthen the useful life of products and assets.  When they finally meet their end of life, products are to be destroyed and recycled in a systematic environmentally friendly way.  All plastic we handle ends up reprocessed in the United States Of America in a safe and secure fashion.

Green Jobs And The Circular Economy

There is strong demand in the USA for recycled resin feedstock.  Big multinational brands like Pepsi, Unilever, Mars, Nike and others are making pledges to use more recycled content in their products.  Companies want the pellets your scrap plastic will be used to make and consumers want the sustainable packaging and products with recycled content.  All this helps to create Green Jobs here at home in the US improving our local economy and creating tax revenue for local government

Certifications, Awards and Partnerships

Our partner mills and preprocessors all hold ISO certifications.  They operate their facilities at the highest level with extreme attention to detail.  Our partners are obsessed with safety, ensuring a secure work environment for employees.  Scrap Management Inc has won numerous awards for creating unique recycling systems and processes specializing in plastic packaging and product destruction.

Contact one of our reps today and let us know what you’re looking to scrap/recycle and we’ll coordinate the pick up with you.  We typically cover the cost of transportation so you do not need to pay anything… the service is FREE!

We offer flexible one-time clean-out recycling services and ongoing partnerships for all commercial properties and privately-owned warehouses.

Types Of Materials We Handle

  1. Pallet Removal & Recycling

  2. Packaging/Shipping Materials

  3. Inventory Waste

  4. Production Waste

  5. Expired Product Waste

  6. Equipment/Appliance Removal

  7. Electronics & E-Waste Recycling

  8. Complete Warehouse/Industrial Facility Clean Outs

This article was written by Igor Beylin, founder and CEO of Scrap Management Inc.

He can be reached at ib@scrapmanagement.com or (704) 698-5186

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