PET Thermoform Tray Recycling

Recycling Clear PET Thermoform Trays In Bales, Gaylords, & Original Packaging (New In Boxes)

Scrap Management will help you set up a program for Clear PET Thermoform Tray recycling

We’ll pick up your Clear PET Tray Scrap for Recycling when you have a load ready.

We accept PET Trays in any form – loose, baled or new in original packaging.  The material should be clean and free of contamination such as glue, stickers, paper inserts, etc.

To get the most money for your scrap material, stage it for shipment as heavy as possible and keep store it indoors.  Take pics and send them to Scrap Management in order to get your picked up quote.

Tips For Maximizing Value Of Scrap

  • Keep it Dry
  • Keep it Clean – No Contamination
  • Keep it Uniform
  • Keep colors separate
  • Don’t assume it’s the same material if it looks the same

The price varies with the market – Click HERE to get a quick quote on your material today.

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This article was written by Igor Beylin, founder and CEO of Scrap Management Inc.  He can be reached at