LDPE Film Recycling

LDPE Film Recycling

#4 LDPE – Stretch Film – Shrink Wrap – Liners

LDPE & LLDPE Film is a flexible packaging film used in retail, whole sale and manufacturing.  LDPE Film Recycling has become common and efficient – with many end users right here in the United States.  LDPE & LLDPE Film can easily be recycled and turned into many products, such as Trash Liners, Agricultural Film, Stretch Film, Shrink Wrap, Plastic Decking, Marine Pilings and Reprocessed Pellets.

To recycle LDPE Film, a company first needs to collect and bale it.  The film must be kept clean, dry and free from contaminants. Then when there are enough bales to fill a 53′ Semi-Trailer – we send in a truck and ship the LDPE Film to a reprocessing facility.  The film is finally shredded, washed, dried and converted into a pellet.

The contaminates are:

– Moisture

– Plastic Pellets (Gaylord Liners)

– Laundry Film (Blue/Clear Film)

– Baler residue, grease or grime

– Metal, Styrofoam, Fiber, Wood, Rubber, Liquid & Other Residual, etc.

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