Recycled PET Fiber

Recycled PET Fiber: From Bottles to Threads

Recycled PET fiber is a versatile and eco-friendly material that can be used in a wide range of textiles, from clothing to household items. By using recycled PET fiber, we can reduce the amount of plastic waste sent to landfills, conserve natural resources, and reduce energy consumption in the manufacturing process.

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LDPE Film Recycling

LDPE Film Recycling LDPE Film Recycling is extremely important and easy to do.  Low density polyethylene, commonly known as LDPE is the #4 plastic type. LDPE #4 was first produced in 1933 and has seen a continued increase in production since then. LDPE #4 is commonly used to make film such as liners, stretch film,…
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MRP-Mixed Rigid Plastic

Mixed Rigid Plastic Recycling

What Is MRP? “Mixed Rigid Plastic” is a grade of scrap plastic generated by MRF’s.  It’s made up of rigid plastics such as buckets, crates, totes, trays, tupperware and other rigid plastics, collected at the curb.  MRP – Mixed Rigid Plastics – are sorted, baled and sold for processing. MRP At The MRF! Mixed Rigid…
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Plastic Pallet

Plastic Recycling – Plastic Pallets

How To Recycle Plastic Pallets Plastic recycling has become as common as paper recycling and metal recycling in the American recycling industry. Plastic pallets are an integral part of the supply chain and require a downstream recycling infrastructure at their end of life stage. Enter “Scrap Management Inc”, a dependable recycler with expertise in HDPE…
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