We Buy IBC Totes for Recycling in Washington

IBC Totes also referred to as “intermediate bulk containers” are used to transport liquid in bulk. They typically are used to hold solvents, oils, inks, etc. After they’ve been used, reused, refurbished, and used again, they inevitably reach the end of their life cycle. Cut them up and bale them or shred/grind them for maximum rebate value. The domestic market is hungry for this type of feedstock and we are always in the market for steady streams of HDPE IBC Totes.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Can plastic IBC totes and containers be recycled in Washington?

Yes – Plastic containers and IBC totes can be recycled here in all Washington's cities ( and other) and all states in US.

What are the alternatives to recycling plastic containers and IBC totes in Washington?

Reusing them is the ideal alternative – however landfilling is the only other disposal drum option.
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