HDPE Drums

Poly Drum Recycling

HDPE Drums – Regrind, Remelt, Reprocess

Poly Drum Recycling is extremely important for industrial companies and the environment.

HDPE Drums are used to hold solvents and industrial chemicals. They range in size from 5 gallon jugs to 35 gallon jeri-cans to 55 gallon poly drums. All plastic drums are made from HMW HDPE which is recyclable into new products used in construction.

HDPE blue drums for recycling are made up of waste HDPE BARRELS, which were previously used for storage of various of industrial fluoric acid.  They were washed with hot water before baling/regrinding. The HDPE drum scrap is available on various form, bale, regrind/chip/granules.  Recycling is an important environmental as well as economically aspect.  For a quote on your drum scrap, just click here!